Small Bathroom Remodel and Organization

Today I’d like to share a project that I did a few months ago in my bathroom. The nice thing about sharing so much after the fact is that we’ve lived with the new bathroom and organization system for several months and I can tell you that it’s working! The bathroom has been so much easier to keep clean since the remodel. For one thing, it’s so pretty that I don’t want to see it be messy, so I’m better about putting things away. But also, I organized things according to what items I use most and made them easier to put away. The two keys to organizing a small bathroom!

To start off, here are some before pictures of my bathroom:


The bathroom was somewhat updated when we moved in. I painted, added a new mirror and stained the vanity. Over time it began to feel sort of closed and dark and dirty and I didn’t like it.


Storage was minimal and things would just get set somewhere and left there because there was no real place for it. My curtain solution was cloth napkins attached with rings, but they always felt sloppy.


One day I finally decided that I had had enough of this ugly bathroom that felt dirty and messy all of the time. Last winter when we had that huge rainstorm here in Oregon, our basement flooded, and the result was that we had to tear out most of the floor and replace it. We still had enough left to redo the bathroom floor, but I wanted to do my little remodel first and do the floor and the new moulding as like the crowning glory of the whole thing.

Here are the after photos:


Alright, let me tell you some of what is going on here. First, I repainted everything in a semi-gloss white. Everything. Walls, vanity, ceiling, etc. This helped the dark, dirty feel of the bathroom immensely! I also removed the vanity top and did a cement overlay. I was able to fill in the shell shaped soap spot by the sink with the concrete, which really helped it look updated. There’s lots of tutorials on Pinterest if you’re interested in the process. After the cement was on, I used concrete sealant, and so far it has held up really well and cleans pretty easily.

The small shelf to the left of the mirror is one we had. It was repainted and holds toothbrushes/toothpaste and a hand towel for hand washing. Hardware on the vanity was painted with oil rubbed bronze paint, as was the faucet. I will say that some of the paint on the faucet is chipping off. I didn’t prep this very well, and I didn’t prime. Also, I think that something about the chemicals in disinfecting wipes I use for cleaning might sort of soften the paint.. this is just a theory though. Bottom line is that I will likely need to redo the faucet or replace it one day, but for now it’s not a big deal.

Okay- here’s the thing I’m most happy about. To the left of the mirror, you see a small shelf. It’s partially decorative with the shelves, plants, etc, but it’s also functional! I screwed hooks to the side and use it to store my hairdryer and hair straightener. This. Is. Brilliant. If I do say so myself. Those two things I use very regularly and having to wait for them to cool, wrap the cords, and put in a drawer just never happened, so they were always out, which contributed to the messiness of my bathroom before. Now however, I can just hang as soon as I’m finished using them, so they are no longer left on the counter. Well, at least not NEARLY as often.

betterbath4                                     betterbath5

Just in case anyone is wondering about the organization inside the vanity. Pretty self-explanatory, I think.


On the top of the toilet is a wooden box where I store extra hand towels. Above the toilet is a single shelf which holds bar soap, a decorative plant and.. well, I’m not sure what to call that other thing. It’s like a metal basket for holding jars. Inside each jar is either a lotion/cream, Q-tips, cotton balls, nail care or razors. It’s quite a handy way to store things. Left of the toilet I used a corner shower caddy (which ended up being too big for our standing shower) in the corner to hold a few decorative items and gives some additional storage.

One of my favorite pieces in the bathroom is the large custom art piece that I made. This originally was a picture that I bought years ago for our last house and never found a place for in our new one. I kept it because I hate throwing things like that out, and knew that one day I would find a use for it. Finally that day come! I tore up pieces of an old book, decoupage’d them to the back piece, painted the words, ‘Be Still’ in the center, painted the photo mat it came with and put it all back into the frame. I love how it turned out!


My storage has increased exponentially with this big shelf. I was considering building a custom shelf for the space, but when I saw this at Target and it was just the right dimensions and style, I went ahead and bought it. This shelf stores a ton of bathroom items, and is exactly what I needed. *side note* See that little set of 3 drawers? That holds the entirety of my husbands needed bathroom items. That’s it. That’s all he gets and that’s all he needs. Everything else is either neutral bathroom items or mine. No joke.


Small rooms are difficult to photograph, so this is the best I can do. But it’s a good shot of the floor and window and gives the best view of the layout. It’s a small space for sure, but we really don’t need any more. There are two keys to living with a small bathroom: organization and ease of returning items to their proper place. The easier it is to put things away, the more likely you are to do it.

Hope you enjoyed the bathroom tour!

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